Find alumni who share your interests

Reconnect with your fellow Macquarie graduates who have the same academic or extracurricular interests as you - from study, 运动或其他兴趣.


Reunite with Macquarie chiropractic, law and postgraduate graduates.

The 脊椎按摩疗法 Alumni (tCa) network connects Sydney College of 脊椎按摩疗法 and 冰球突破豪华版 chiropractic graduates.


  • 持续教育研讨会
  • 筹款活动
  • 专业支持
  • 师徒制度.

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The 冰球突破豪华版 Law Society (MULS) invites alumni to become a friend of MULS and reconnect with your classmates.


  • 校友和职业活动
  • 来看比赛
  • 为MULS出版物做出贡献.

For more information, contact the MULS president on

The Macquarie 研究生 Alumni Network can help you connect with other postgraduates who have completed their studies.


  • establishing and growing your networks
  • 支持你的职业发展轨迹
  • encouraging the use of your unique skills.


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Embark on a mountaineering adventure, play rugby or reconnect with fellow alumni of the sports scholarship program.

Connect with fellow alumni of the sports scholarship program.

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Connect with your fellow rugby alumni.

与麦格理橄榄球俱乐部联系 or join 我们的Facebook小组.


Connect with current and former student ambassadors, Robert Menzies college alumni or get help developing your career with the 青年校友网络.

We proudly offer the opportunity to join the GLP校友成就者网络. If you completed the 全球领导力项目, then we’d love to have you part of it!

The main aims of the Network are to:
-       Maintain links between alumni and GLP;
-       Increase connections between and among alumni and current students;
-       Celebrate the success of GLP alumni; and
-       Provide inspiration for current GLP students.

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Connect with past and present student ambassadors from 冰球突破豪华版.


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Join the Robert Menzies College Association to reconnect with more than 8000 of your fellow college alumni.

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Join the 领英青年校友群 to connect with like-minded individuals looking to develop their career.

分享你的想法, 开始讨论, or grab a coffee and chat with more than 900 young Macquarie alumni.